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My Office has opted-in to the IDX program and my listing is set to publish to the internet, but the listing is not showing up on some of the websites our competitors' listings are showing up on. Why?

Some websites receiving BAREIS MLS® data may not be IDX websites and they are just displaying their customers’ listing data. If you see a website that is displaying BAREIS MLS® data for some offices or agents and not others, you should contact the company or vendor running the website for information on becoming a customer. Some vendors who provide IDX websites will only display listings based on certain criteria such as property type, location, or price, per the request of their client. Additionally, some BAREIS MLS® members send their own listings directly to other websites so the listings you see displaying may not have been received in a data feed from BAREIS MLS®.

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  • 07-Jun-2022
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