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Your MLS News 10/3/17 - BAREIS Dashboard Enrollment Video

BAREIS Dashboard Enrollment Video

October 10, 2017 marks the launch of the redesigned website and BAREIS Dashboard, as well as two new listing search platforms.

Your MLS login experience will be enhanced with the new BAREIS Dashboard – a unified business hub with all of the tools you use on a daily basis in one convenient place. One login, one hub, many services.

You will need to complete a short enrollment the first time you login to the BAREIS Dashboard. This short video will walk you through this quick and easy process.


In Case You Missed It: Redesigned Rapattoni Prospecting & Cart

Rapattoni pushed some great updates that should make managing your clients much easier. And your clients should love the new Client Portal with larger photos!

Click here to read about all the updates to prospecting.

Tech Tip: Carts

Did you know that you have listing carts just for you? You may add listings to a cart to save it for later. You can access your cart on both the desktop and the BAREIS Edge app. In addition, you may have multiple carts to suit your needs for a variety of projects. Listings in your carts will always display the most current information. For example, if one of the listings has a price reduction you will see the current reduced price reflected in the cart.

To add a listing to a cart, select the listing and click the “Add to Cart” button on the Rapattoni toolbar. You will have the option to add the listing to an existing cart, create a new cart, or add the listings to your IDX Featured Properties.

To view listings that have been previously added to a cart, click “Carts” from the menu section of the Rapattoni toolbar, then select the cart you wish to view. You may also revise cart names or delete them from this list.

Links to IDX Featured Properties can be found on the Admin menu, then select IDX/Public Links. This is a great way to share hand-picked listings on your website.

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  • 19-Oct-2017
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