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Code/random script in "To" field on report emails - in Chrome

Are you receiving random code/script in the “to” field when you go to email a report?

This is almost universally caused by a browser extension. We have tracked several of the extensions back to one company called “Mindspark”. They make aggressive “adware” extensions to sell things to users. We have also seen it affect the search function in Realist. So far, all the calls have been from Chrome users.

If you get this:

  1. Click on the three dots to open the menu
  2. Go to “more tools”
  3. Click on “extensions”
  4. Look for anything they don’t remember installing especially
    1. OnlineMapFinder
    2. FromDocToPDF
    3. EasyPDFCombine
    4. MapsGalaxy
    5. VideoDownloadConverter
    6. InternetSpeedTracker
  5. Remove the extension by clicking on the trashcan icon
  6. Immediately close out of the new tab that pops up asking for “Feedback on why you’re uninstalling”
  7. Close out of the browser, reopen, and check if the issue is resolved
  8. If it isn’t, or just for good measure, clear the cache and check again

You may not know where it came from. Sometimes these programs are downloaded without your knowledge or may have been bundled with another program that you intentionally downloaded.

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  • 31-Jan-2018
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