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Temp. Off Market vs Withdrawn Cancelled Status

BAREIS MLS® Hold/Temp Off Market Status vs. Withdrawn/Cancelled Status

Has the seller instructed you to remove their property from the MLS for an indefinite period? Here is a tip sheet to help you understand the differences between Hold/Temp Off Market and Withdrawn/Cancelled statuses in BAREIS MLS.


Hold/Temp Off Market

  • Hold/Temp Off Market Status (TMP) indicates there is a binding agreement between the listing broker and the seller, and the listing may not be solicited by other brokers/agents.
  • Days on Market (DOM) and Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) counts are paused for the TMP period. The counter will resume when the listing is returned to Active or Contingent status.
  • You may indicate in the Private Remarks field whether the seller will consider offers or allow showings during the TMP period.
  • No exclusion is required for the TMP period.
  • There is no time limit on how long a listing remains in TMP status.
  • A listing in TMP status will expire on its regular expiration date


  • Withdrawn/Cancelled Status (WTH) indicates the listing contract is no longer in effect; therefore, the seller may be solicited by other brokers/agents.
  • A new listing agreement is required before creating a new listing for the property in the MLS.
  • A property that has been WTH for more than 30 days can be entered with a new MLS# and the DOM and CDOM counts will reset to zero. A new listing agreement is required before creating a new listing for the property in the MLS.
  • If the seller signs a new listing agreement and the property is withheld from the MLS for more than 3 business days, an exclusion form is required.
  • A WTH listing can be marked as Closed by BAREIS Staff if the seller accepts an offer after the status of the listing was changed from Active to WTH. (A Listing Change Form with the sale details should be emailed to [email protected]

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