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Add or Change Pictures in Rapattoni MLS

Revised 9/3/15
Photo Instructions
Photo instructions are found on your input sheets under "Photos provided by…." You may choose one of the following, when adding your listing to the system:
None – No photo The listing will appear without a photograph. Please note that with the exception of Lots & Land listings, a minimum of one photo of the exterior of the property is required.
Agent – Photo submitted You will take responsibility for providing BAREIS with a property photo. You can load a digitized photo yourself by following the directions below. To submit a non-digitized photo, please submit your photo(s) by following the instructions at the bottom of this flyer. The first photo loaded by BAREIS is free of charge, any subsequent photos loaded by staff will be billed quarterly at $3.50 per photo.
Loading Photos on the Rapattoni MLS system
The following information may help aid in loading your photos onto Rapattoni.
  • Photos must be in JPEG format
  • The photo file name should be under 20 characters. Do not include any special characters, hyphens, spaces, dashes, commas and periods (other than the period before "jpg").
  • File size of each photo must be 10MB or less
If your picture width matches or is less than the maximum, the system does not resize it during the upload process. Picture dimensions are listed in pixels, not inches, because they are displayed on screen rather than printed. MLS pictures have a resolution of 300 DPI.
Uploading Your Photo(s)
You can upload a photo to a listing that has just been submitted, an incomplete listing or an unapproved listing. To upload a property photo:
1) Submitted Listings: Open up your listing. Click the Revise Listing Icon (note pad & pen). On the Revise Listing screen, click Upload / Manage Pictures.
Incomplete Listings: Click on your Listings menu and select Incomplete Listings. Next to the desired listing number, click the Revise Listing Icon (note pad & pen). On the Revise Listing screen, click Upload / Manage Pictures.
Unapproved Listings: See the submitted listings instructions OR under the Listings menu, click Unapproved Listings then click on the blue listing number for the appropriate unapproved listing. On the Revise Listing screen, click Upload/Manage Pictures.
2) Open the new tab called Rapattoni MLS. You will be prompted to watch a tutorial on the photo uploading process. Once you have watched the tutorial, click Skip below the video. You may check the box “Don’t show this tutorial again” before clicking Skip to prevent the video from displaying next time you upload photos.
3) You can either drag the photo files into the window or you can click Add Pictures. Attach the photo files that you wish to add to the listing. Here, you have the option to crop your photo. You can Exit without Saving if you do not intend to save the photos to your listing or you can click Delete Options if there are photos that you wish to remove before clicking Save & Exit to finalize the photo upload process. All of these options can be located at the top right corner of the window.
Remember, the “Crop” feature is only available prior to clicking Save & Exit during the original uploading process.
Renumbering Your Photo(s)
Once photos have been uploaded into your listing, you can rearrange the order they appear. You can click and drag a picture to changes its sort order or hold Ctrl and click to select multiple pictures. Once you have rearranged your photo order, remember to click Save & Exit to save your changes. If you wish to cancel the changes that you were attempting to make, click Exit without Saving to return to the original order.
To Delete a Photo
To delete a photo after it has been uploaded, click Delete Options located at the top right corner of the window. You then have the option to select individual photos by clicking on each photo you wish to delete OR you can click Select All Pictures. Once you have chosen the photos you wish to delete, click Save & Exit to save your changes OR Exit without Saving to return to the original order.
Editing Your Photo
To edit your photos, click on the photo you wish to edit in the Upload/Manage Pictures section. Click Edit located at the top right corner of the photo you wish to edit. Above the larger view of that photo, you may add up to 1000 characters of text in the white text box. You can also rotate the photo by clicking on the corresponding option to the right of your photo. Once you have completed your editing, click Done located at the bottom right corner of the photo window to keep the changes to your photo. After you have made all the changes you need to make to your photos, remember to click Save & Exit to save all of the changes to the photos that you have edited.
As you click on each photo in the listing detail view, you will see the comments for that particular photo appear directly below the property description.
If you run a Photo Gallery Report, you will see the comments appear below each photo.
Submitting Non-digitized Photos
You may submit your own non-digitized photos by sending them in one of the following ways. Be sure to include your MLS # and address when sending the photos.
Mail all photos to:
Attn: Listing Photos BAREIS MLS
PO Box 3367 Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Email your photos to:
To email photos, use JPEG format no larger than 10MB. If photo sizes are larger than 6MB each, please only send 2 photos per email. Use the MLS number as the file name (e.g., 2170xxx.jpg) and send it as an attachment.
Please direct MLS photo questions to Data Entry Department, 707-575-8000 or 1-800-776-5252.
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