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My seller wants to restrict showing - What do I do?

Revised 10/27/16
My seller wants to restrict showing– What do I do?
If your seller wants to restrict showings, here are your 3 options to discuss with your seller and important information about each option:
1. Change the availability of an Active listing to be shown through the information you post in the listing and by restricting access to the lockbox. This is the best option if the seller wants to continue to actively market the property and receive offers, but is concerned about providing access to the property during specific days or times of the day.
  • Sellers always have the option of having an Active listing available for showing only during specific times of the day or by appointment only.
  • No exclusion form is required on Active listings with restricted availability for showing.
  • If showing days or times are restricted, please remember to update the showing instructions multiple choice field as well as the showing comments field.
  • If a lockbox is being used at the property, you are able to program the box to release a key only during specific times or with a code that the showing agent has obtained only by contacting you before the showing.
  • You have the ability to reduce the exposure of an Active listing to the internet by selecting No on the Pass to Internet field. The listing will remain viewable to users of BAREIS, but will not pass to public internet sites.
  • Properties listed in the MLS with instructions to cooperating brokers to not show the property must indicate the process for presentation of offers during the “do not show” period.
2. Change the status to Temp Off-Market. This is the best option if no offer has been accepted on the property, but the seller has indicated they are no longer considering offers from cooperating brokers. The listing stays in your control and protects your seller from receiving solicitations from other brokers.
  • Days on Market will pause during the Temp Off-Market period.
  • No exclusion is required.
  • There is no time limit on how long a listing remains Temp Off-Market.
  • The listing will expire on its regular expiration date.
  • Showing instructions should clearly indicate whether the listing is available to be shown during the Temp Off-Market period. Or;
3. Change the status to Withdrawn/Cancelled. This is the best option if the seller will be cancelling their listing agreement or wants to permanently remove the property from the MLS.
  • By choosing Withdrawn/Cancelled you are indicating to other users of the system that the listing contract has been cancelled – your seller may receive solicitations from other brokers.
  •  If you will continue to represent the seller for the sale of their property, the old listing agreement should be cancelled and replaced with a new listing agreement.
  • A BAREIS SEL (exclusion) form is required if, under the terms of the new listing agreement, the property will be excluded from the MLS for any period longer than 3 business days.
  • If the seller later desires to enter the property into the MLS, the listing must accurately show items such as the Listing Date, Original List Price, On-Market Date and any other items required by the Board of Directors.
  • If the property has been out of the MLS and under a new listing agreement for at least 11 days, the listing can be entered with a new MLS# and DOM will reset to zero. If the property has been out of the MLS and under a new listing agreement for at least 91 days, the listing can be entered with a new MLS# and DOM & CDOM will reset to zero.
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  • 02-Nov-2017
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