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How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Safari

Why Should I Clear My Browser's Cache and/or Cookies?

What is the browser cache? As you surf the internet, your browser collects small bits of information that help it load your favorite sites faster. These build up in your browser's cache. Sometimes, old information can get stuck and cause your most commonly browsed websites to work incorrectly: take you to incorrect pages or bounce you back to login pages. The browser can also become bogged down when the cache gets too large and actually slow down the loading speed of the page. This is when you'll want to clear your cache. After clearing your cache, you may experience temporary slowness as your browser starts from scratch in loading your favorite pages, but it will pick up shortly.

Cookies are small files that contain information about how you use a particular website. Passwords and site preferences are stored in cookies, which make them very useful. However, sometimes old information can be stored and not replaced which can cause the same types of issues as your cache.

Clearing Cache:

If “Develop” is not present, click on “Safari” in the top toolbar and click on “Preferences

Navigate over to “Advanced” and in the “Advanced” menu, ensure that the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” box is checked

Once the “Develop” menu is available, select it and click on “Empty Caches

Individual Cookies:

Click on “Safari” in the top toolbar and click on “Preferences

Click on “Privacy” and then on the “Manage Website Data…” box

In the search bar, type “bareis”, “mls”, and “rap”. Delete the indicated entries

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