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Coming Soon - Status Workflow

The Coming Soon Workflow

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Coming Soon status workflow:

1.      Execute the listing agreement with your seller.

2.      Seller & listing agent decide to pre-market listing in the MLS while the property is being prepared for internet exposure/full marketing.

3.      Enter the listing in the MLS, setting the status in listing input as Coming Soon.

  • The On Market Date can be no more than 30 days out. The listing will automatically change to Active on this date.
  • Indicate in the appropriate fields if the property will be shown and if the seller will be reviewing offers while Coming Soon.
  • Photos are not required while listings are Coming Soon, giving you time to schedule your professional photographer.

4.      While the listing is Coming Soon, you can enter broker tour and open house dates as long as they are scheduled after the On Market Date.

5.      You will be notified by email two days prior to your listing going Active on the On Market Date.

6.      Not ready for market at 30 days? No problem! Just modify the status to Temp Off Market until your listing is ready. Just like Coming Soon, Temp Off Market does not count Days on Market.

7.      Once the listing is Active, please check the following:

  • Change Pass to Internet = Yes if you would like your listing to appear on public websites. Your listing will also pass to brokerage websites if your brokerage is opted-in to IDX.
  • Showing instructions and conf/showing remarks are updated.
  • Upload photos if they were not previously added to the listing
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  • 19-Feb-2020
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