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Duplicate Listings

                            Duplicate Listings 
What is a duplicate listing? 
When two listings appear in the MLS for the same property with the same broker in different property categories, areas, or list prices, the second of the two listings is known as a duplicate listing. While only one active listing is allowed in the MLS for each property type, BAREIS MLS® will allow duplicate listings if the property meets at least one of the following criteria (Regulation 9.5): 

  • For Approval in Two Property Categories: 
    • (a) Parcels with mixed-use zoning are being sold together; or
    • (b) As Residential and Commercial or Residential and Lots and Land if subdivision is preapproved. Proof of pre-approval from municipality must be provided if requested by BAREIS; or
    • (c) As Residential and Lots and Land if lot where improvement plans are approved, and the list price includes all completed improvements; or
    • (d) As Residential and Multi 2-4 if the property has a single-family home and additional dwellings and would be properly classified as either property type; or
    • (e) As Residential and Lots and Land if the property has a dwelling on it and is being marketed for the land value. 
  • For Approval in Multiple Counties or Areas: 
    • (a) The property’s footprint overlaps two counties; or
    • (b) The principal access road to the property is in a different county; or
    • (c) The mailing address of the property is different from the property’s location. 
  • For Approval Within the Same Property Type: 
    • (a) Properties adjacent to each other that are being offered at one price individually and at another price if offered together as a combined sale; or
    • (b) Properties being listed for sale at one price and for sale as an approved tenancy in common at another price. 

Requests for duplicate listings should be emailed to BAREIS at with the address and a brief explanation as to how the property qualifies to be listed in more than one category or area, or with more than one list price. If the property is already listed in the MLS, please include the existing MLS listing number with the request. 

After the request has been approved and payment for the $30 duplicate listing fee has been received by BAREIS, the listing agent will create a new listing and save that listing as incomplete. Each listing should reference the MLS# and property type of the other listing in both the Public Remarks and Confidential Remarks fields (“Duplicate Listing. Also listed as Lots and Land, MLS #...”). BAREIS staff will submit the new listing to the system. 
Upon the close of escrow, the listing agent will report as Sold the listing that best reflects the buyer’s intended use of the property, and report the other listing as Withdrawn/Cancelled. 
Note: Entries in both Commercial and Business Opportunity do not require approval, but you will need assistance from BAREIS staff to save the listing. 

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