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Residential Property Type


Within the residential property classification, you have three sub -classifications. When someone searches residential, they search all three of the sub-classifications, unless they exclude them. Using detailed search, an individual may search just a specific sub-classification within residential. A lot where new home construction plans are approved and the list price includes all completed improvements may be placed in the residential property type.

1) Single Family - This classification refers to single family residence. It may be attached, detached, and/or within a PUD or common interest development. Typically what denotes a single family residence is the zoning and usage of the property. If a single family residence has an extra unit (sometimes called a granny unit or apartment), the extra unit should be identified by checking “2nd unit on lot” in the listing process. When you select “2nd unit on lot” in the listing process, you will be prompted to fill out additional fields like bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. This will permit agents searching for single family residences with apartments and granny units to find them. A single family residence with an extra apartment is not generally considered a 2-4 unit property, unless both properties have separate distinct addresses and are zoned as multi-family. If one side of a duplex is for sale, it should be listed as a single family attached unit. If it has a common interest development considerations, that should be properly identified in the listing. A mobile/manufactured home can be classified as single family on the MLS if A) The wheels have been removed, the home is attached to a permanent foundation (tie-downs do not qualify), the title has been abandoned for a deed. B) The purchase of land is involved with the sale of the unit. If either A or B do not apply, the listing shall be placed under mobile/floating homes. A manufactured home (manufactured off premises and assembled on the lot), on a permanent foundation with a deed, should be entered in the single family classification with the construction type either modular or prefab indicated in the listing.

2) Condo/Cooperative/Other - If the single family residence being sold is controlled by either a cooperative or a condominium agreement, the property should be listed in this category.
3) Farms and Ranches - The Farms and Ranch category is for properties that are zoned farm and ranch and have a habitable residence or residences on the property. This property classification is designed to handle all types of farms, including vineyards. There is no acreage limitation to a farm and ranch; the key element is zoning. A farm without a habitable residence should be listed under Lots/Land/Agricultural.

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