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BAREIS MLS Property Type General Information

BAREIS MLS® Property Category
(The correct MLS Property Category must be entered per BAREIS MLS® Rules & Regulations 9.4, 9.5, 9.11 and 9.12)
General Information about Unique BAREIS Features
• The Rapattoni system has an on-market date in addition to the listing date. According to the rules, listings must
be entered within 3 business days of execution of the contract. If you need to hold the listing “off-market” for a
few days to facilitate repairs, etc., you can enter a later on-market date. The property will show as an
unapproved listing until the on-market date. It is important you have a completed exclusion form if the property
is not listed as Active within 3 business days of execution of the contract. (If the listing will not be submitted to
the MLS within 3 business days the completed exclusion form should be e-mailed to [email protected])
• Sale/Lease: The MLS is set up in a way to permit agents to enter both “For-Sale” listings and “For Lease” in
their proper property classification.
• PUD: Since common interest development applies to literally every property classification (you may have a
single family, commercial, etc. in a common interest development or PUD), properties are identified as common
interest development or as a PUD by simply checking the proper box in the listing process that identifies the
property as a common interest development or a PUD.
• Attached/Detached: Also because of the unique nature of some construction within our area, a property may be
identified as attached or detached in the listing process. You may have, for instance, a single family home that
is attached to another home. *Please note that this does not refer to the garage.

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  • 28-Sep-2017
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