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Mobile - Floating Home

Mobile/Floating Homes
A floating home is a property that is somewhat unique to our area. It is typically constructed on a barge or pontoons,
and it is moored to the shoreline in an approved “dock” or “marina.” The home itself typically has a serial or license
number. The buyer will have to pay dock or marina fees for the home.
The mobile home classification is designed to handle mobile homes and manufactured homes. HCD defines a mobile
home as a unit made prior to June 1976. After June 1976 the mobile unit is defined or referred to as Manufactured. A
mobile/manufactured home has a title, similar to a car. If the home has title with the state of California, it should be
classified as a mobile/manufactured home. If the wheels have been removed, the home is attached to a permanent
foundation (tie-downs do not qualify), the title has been abandoned for a deed, and/or land is involved, the
mobile/manufactured home may be classified as a single family residence in the MLS.
A manufactured home (manufactured off premises and assembled on the lot), on a permanent foundation with a deed,
should be entered in the single family classification with the construction type either modular or prefab indicated in the

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