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Cloud CMA - How to Create a CMA with Cloud CMA

Begin by clicking on the “Create a new CMA Report” button.


Input your client’s name, subject property address, and property details.

Now select whether to enter specific listings, or to use the quick and dirty search provided by ClouCMA.

Now click on “Fetch Listings”

Organize the listings in a way which you prefer.

Enter a suggested list price, click on “Update” then click on “Customize Report”

Select or deselect sections of your CMA, or move the to your desired location in the report.  Choose your theme color and layout.  Once complete click on “Publish Report” to save your work.

Your CMA is now saved.  You may view email or share the CMA from here, additionally you may present the CMA automatically created for you.

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  • 29-Sep-2017
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